Hiboost brands

HiBoost Brand is presented with a wide portfolio of mobile phone signal booster models produced by HiBoost and designed for enjoyable use in homes and offices.These devices can handle any mobile signal problem whether it is poor calls, text or slow mobile data (2G, 3G, 4G/LTE). HiBoost signal boosters are powerful enough to cover any indoor area from a small apartment, house, café, garage up to 500 sq.m. (Home&Office Series) to a huge office building, shopping center, hospital, hotel, taking up to 5500 sq.m. and more (PRO Series).


We always keep pace with modern technologies. HiBoost has its own Research & Development Department with more than 80 engineers working hard to make our product user experience easier and more convenient than ever.

The latest HiBoost line has an unprecedented features that you won’t find with any of competitors – monitoring and set up via a free HiBoost app, inbuilt indoor antenna, LCD display as well as Automatic and Manual Gain Controls. Find more about them below.

Signal Supervisor Application

One of the most outstanding features about Hiboost signal boosters is an ability to control your device at a distance directly from your mobile phone. All you need is install a free HiBoost app Signal Supervisor either from Google Play or App Store and enjoy 

Easy Installation

Measure the outdoor signal properly

One of the most important stages of installation is fixing an outdoor antenna. It should be placed in some high point, where signal reception is the most optimal (normally on the roof). Finding it can be a problem if you're not a professional installer. However, if the antenna doesn't receive a strong signal, you won't be able provide a smooth signal inside the desired area. With Antenna optimization option in the Signal Supervisor app you'll manage to measure your signal with a precise signal meter tool and find the best point for installation without much effort.

Convenient Monitoring and Set up

Keep an eye on your booster from anywhere

Thanks to an integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules you can control your booster at any distance. Most of the time, no manual set up is needed as the device has smart auto setup or automatic gain control. However if it's necessary and you've got a push notification that there's some problem with a system, it's easy to eliminate the problem through the app. First of all, you can check the status of Alarms and increase or decrease the boosters' gain if it's necessary. 

Inbuilt Indoor Antenna

One more feature that is intended to simplify installation is an inbuilt indoor antenna. It's supported by all triband and five band models of Home&Office series. There's no point in fixing an indoor antenna separately and drill a hole in the wall, as a booster only is enough to cover and enhance a signal throughout a small area of 300-500 sq.m. So, an inbuilt antenna will save your efforts and time while installation by twice at minimum and help escape extra cabling.

You can add an external antenna if it's needed to extend a coverage area with no trouble. Moreover, the models have an integrated adapter, so that you don't have to face any splitter hassle adding one more indoor antenna.

LCD Display Advatages

Smart Software (AGC&MGC)

Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

Intelligent System Adjustment

Right after the mobile signal booster is on, AGC automatically measures input signal strength and adjust best system parameters suitable for your particular area

Blanket noise and operator network protection

AGC establishes a balance between the repeater system and a cell tower nearby to keep gain at the optimal level. This way HiBoost never overlaps operator network and keeps noise minimized up to zero.

Manual Gain Control (MGC)

Function for technically savvy users.

You can always regulate system gain according to outdoor signal conditions on your own.

All-in-One Kit

Customized Solution

Every signal problem is unique, so any HiBoost model can be tailored according to your needs. It's realized with the help of extra indoor antennas or our Optional Kits and other accessories that go supplemented to a standard kit. Home&Offcie series boosters are recommended for upgrade with 2-3 extra antennas. PRO Series, being more powerful and experiencing less power loss, can be upraded up to 8 iand even more ndoor antenna.