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Mines And Farms Phone Signal Coverage Solutions

Phone Signals in Mines

A reliable communications systems is equally important for the health and safety of over and underground mines workers. However, there are much more limitations to achieving this, Discover how signal boosters can pair with new technology to provide a safer environment for workers mining underground.

When miners go underground, they need to be able to communicate with each other to avoid dangerous situations. Fires, poisonous gases, and explosions are just a few of the risks miners can be faced with while on the job.

In such a dangerous environment, a reliable communications system is necessary and for this to function properly a good mobile phone signal is required. Search and rescue efforts are difficult underground because most mines are designed with a complex network of tunnels. When the air starts to become abnormal, the operators use underground mining communication systems to get in touch with miners. This technology is also extremely useful when miners are trapped underground.

But with our custom mobile phone signal booster we can help you improve and increase phone signal coverage in mines site offices, open mining area and the underground mining tunnels.

Boosting Signal in Farms

From looking up commodity market, to taking a photo of an unknown pest or disease invading your crops, to monitoring farm accident and calling emergency services. There is no limit to the uses of phone and devices on the farms. This goes to show how pivotal good mobile phone signal coverage is to farms and farm owners.

When driving that tractor or operating that wower in a 10,000 or more accres of farmland, comunicating with all worker or important key workers is well important and the easiest way to do this is through your mobile phone. And good signal coverage in the farm area is very vital at this point. We are also well aware of the fact that most farms are located far from all mobile phone base stations thus Bad signal

The Good News is our engineers can design a system in no time for our expert installers that can help resove this problem effectively. promising full coverage throughout the open farm area and offices. 

Having good phone signals in farm is no longer for just phone calls, mobile phones are fast turning to the best farm tech in our palms. Increasing numbers of farm owners are using phones and tablets out in the field to create products awareness.

How we improve mobile phone signals in Farms

text on how the DAS  systems can be used to improve signals in farms and mining areas

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