HiBoost 2G/3G Voice & 3G 1500 Sqm


Key Features & Benefits

  • Network: Vodacom & Cell-C Primarily but All other networks covered on 3G
  • Immediate Noticeable Improvement Constant and Consistently
  • Long-term solution – (No monthly fees / No hidden charges)
  • Compatible with more than 90% Network providers all over Africa
  • EGSM/GSM900 + 3G2100
  • Coverage: up to 1500 sq m
  • Inbuilt indoor antenna
  • Multiple devices boosted all at once – (Mobile phones, Laptops, tablets, dongles etc…)
  • Wireless solution
  • Portable and convertible – (Can be used as an indoor or outdoor solution)
  • Expandable / Extendable
  • Upgradable
  • Insurable
  • Real time LCD display
  • Smart AGC & MGC functions
  • Conforms  to RoHS & CE RED standards
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Life-cycle from 15 to 20 years


HiBoost Dual band cell phone signal booster Hi17-EW is an intelligent and reliable technological solution to resolve erratic signal coverage. The system will sustain a consistent 2G voice, sms and stable 3G mobile data improvement at all times!

This particular device series is designed for substantial indoor spaces of up to 1000 sqm. To extend the amplified signal coverage area up to 1500 sqm or more you can then connect an additional indoor antenna to this model.  Strong signal will come equally easily through the walls of a large house, office, parking lot, shop, restaurant, etc. and cover all the area immediately.

Get this booster and enjoy long-term cell phone and online communication improvement forever!

*Mind that in order to receive maximum signal inside your home/office, you should pick up at least 2-3 bars outside.  However, if this is not available don’t panic, you simply need to add our high-gain outdoor antenna to this package and ensure that it is mounted at a reasonable height on top of the roof on a pole and voila, the magic will be done and you will then be able to expect phenomenal mobile phone signal improvement instantly.  The repeater coverage area also depends on design features of your building, so if you need help with the installation we will be here to guide you over the phone or via email for free every step of the way.  If you wish for us to complete the installation for you, we will be very glad to do that as well depending on where you are located, so just give us a call or email us your exact location and we’ll take it from there.

It comes with an easy to work with an installation manual that will make it a simple install, like all our other boosters. This solution will improve signal coverage for up to 1500 sqmand will capacitate up to 95 simultaneous users or more.

It is a device made for customers looking to boost their mobile phone signal coverage for 2G Vodacom & Cell C voice calls but also has the potential to improve 3G data on all networks nationwide. It operates on GSM  900/2100Mhz frequencies which are popular bandwidths for 2G voice and 3G internet data in South Africa and in most part of Africa. This device will improve signal coverage for up to 1500 square metre in your offices, warehouses, and homes, etc.

This smart booster provides a constant uninterrupted increased mobile phone signal coverage leading to total eradication of call drops for both calls and data uploads and downloads. It  is designed to ensure that you never experience any drop calls again.

There is also an EASY TO WORK with installation Manuals that come with every booster that you purchase from us making it an easy plug and play equipment.

The unit comes with the following standard kit: 10 metres high-quality coaxial cable, Outdoor GSM antenna that will be installed outside the building, a smart repeater that will be installed indoors, power supply and power cord, and antenna for (internal use).

Once set up is completed as described below and your device is switched on you should start experiencing a full phone signal in the intended coverage area.

NOTE:  It is important to note there are fake, cheap, and unauthorised signal boosters flying the market today in South Africa. It is therefore absolutely pertinent you purchase a booster from our website and our partners’ websites because our equipment is fully certified and 100% ICASA approved.  The good news is that we have invested 14 years in innovation and designs which have resulted in our state of the art world-class smart boosters.

We are aware that you desire the best mobile phone coverage, and we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that you get exactly that, with our best product and after-sales care.

And because we have confidence in our products we offer a three years replacement warranty on all our products and even better a 15 day money back guarantee. It is simple and straight forward so try it out and make sure it works for you and if you are not satisfied feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Coverage Area 1500 m²
Application Large Home & Office, Warehouses, Clinics, Lodges etc…
Network Type Calls, 3G / UMTS
Frequency 900 MHz (GSM/EGSM), 2100 MHz (3G/WCDMA)
Frequency Range 880~915MHz (Uplink) 925~960MHz (Downlink), 1920~1980MHz (Uplink) 2110~2170MHz (Downlink)
Number Of Bands Dual Band
Max. Gain 65dB (Uplink) – 65dB (Downlink)
MGC (Step Attenuation) ≥ 31dB / 1 dB step, dip switch control
Intelligent AGC (ALC / ISO) ≥42 dB / ≥42 dB
Gain Flatness Typical ≤5 dB (P-P)
Noise Figure @ Max. System Gain Typical ≤5 dB
V.S.W.R Typical ≤2
Group Delay ≤ 1 μs
Frequency Stability ≤0.01 ppm
Power Supply Input AC90~264V.50/60Hz,Output DC 12V/3A
Power Consumption ≤10W
Input & Output Impedance 50 ohm
LCD Display Frequency, Gain, Output Power, ALC, ISO, etc.
Indication LEDs No
I /O Port Type N-Female
Dimensions 120*198*34 mm / 4.7*7.8*1.3 inch
Booster Weight 1 kg
Booster Weight with KIT 3.6 kg
Operating Temperature -10ºC~+55ºC
Storage Temperature -10ºC~+80ºC
Relative Humidity 5% – 95%
Barometric Pressure 55 kPa -106 kPa
Environment Conditions IP40


Real-Time Monitoring

Displays gain, frequency, and output power to let you keep control over the current working state.

Smart Troubleshooting

Detects and shows an exact kind of malfunction (ALC or ISO) giving you the cue what is necessary to fix.

Assistance in Installation

Helps to find best point for outdoor antenna mounting basing on the output power value displayed on the screen.


Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

Intelligent System Setup

After the booster is on, AGC automatically measures input signal strength and adjusts best system parameters suitable for mobile signal reception conditions in your particular area.

Powerful Network Protection

AGC facilitates power control between the base station and a repeater to keep gain at the optimal level. This way HiBoost doesn’t overlap mobile network and keeps noise minimized up to zero.

Manual Gain Control (MGC)

The function lets you thoroughly adjust mobile signal amplification power on your own manually. Recommended for advanced users.

How To Set Up Your Smart Booster

All our Boosters are built around easy and quick installation process (Plug and play).


This accessory is one of the most needed kit in the installation of the booster. It is mounted outside the building mostly the roof or highest point in the building and the main function is to pull signals from outside through the coaxial cable to the Booster, this accessory is included free in the package.


The coaxial cable is connected to the outdoor antenna on the roof on one end and the second end is connected to the mobile Booster that will be install inside the building. The cable help in transferring signals from the external antenna into the repeater.


The Mobile phone booster is the essential part of the puzzle, once signal is transferred from the roof antenna through the coax cable, it helps amplifies the mobile phone signal in the building through the indoor antenna.


This is the distribution antenna , the mobile booster uses this high power indoor antennas to distribute this signal internally.


The AC/DC power supply and power plug supply the repeater with all the currents it needs to function.

There are few rationales behind poor mobile phone signal booster inside buildings and around certain areas. Some of these reasons range from the materials that are used in the construction of the building, the internal structures like insulation materials. The mountainous view and the densely tall trees that surround the area also are contributing factor to how minimal mobile phone signals can travel.  But with our signal boosters, you are less likely to experience any of this, not even a drop call.

What’s Included In The Box

  • 1 x  WB  Mobile Booster
  • 1 x Outdoor antenna
  • 1 x 10 meter coax cable
  • 1 x AC/DC Power Supply
  • 1 X Indoor Whip antenna
  • 1 x Easy to work with Installation Manual



    HiBoost product is officially certified for compliance with the international and European safety, quality and health regulations in the accredited test laboratories. Here’re the certificates we have:

    CE– with CE (RED 2014/53/EU) certification, we declare our product’s compliance with the requirements of the European health, safety and environmental protection legislation.

    RoHS – RoHS directive proves the limitation upon the usage of hazardous materials in HiBoost product and in its components.

    ISO 9001-2015 – HiBoost meets ISO 9001-2015 quality management systems standard that sets out the principles basing on strong customer focus, top management involvement and efficiency, consistent product quality improvement.



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