Key Features & Benefits

  • Easy Setup
  • Networks: All Networks in South Africa and worldwide
  • Frequency:  800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz
  • Smart Booster Vehicle Conversion Kit
  • Compatible with all Boosters (Check connectors)
  • Convert any Boosters / Amplifiers / Repeaters into a portable device
  • Plug and Play Device
  • Magnetic Whip Aerial
  • Vehicle Cigarette Lighter Power supply


Note important that all antennas are passive and need to be connected to a booster / repeater or amplifier to deliver improved signal and that no antenna works on its own whether indoors or outdoors. This is a car conversion kit with whip aerial antenna that is mounted on top of a vehicle with a magnetic mount.

Our Conversion Kit is an accessory which can only be used with a booster. The kit does not amplify the mobile signal, etc. on its own. The package includes one outdoor antenna that can be placed on your car’s roof, (magnetic plate) a cable for the link between the ext. antenna and the power supply to be linked to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter outlet.

The Car Conversion Kit transforms any signal booster model into an extraordinary performing vehicle car amplifier, enabling you to take advantage of the enhanced mobile signal while driving.

This accessory is the ideal solution for you if you need a 3G data coverage, LTE 4G data or just a standard 2G GSM voice call signal.

Any mobile signal booster unit can be transformed & customised into a car booster by our vehicle converter kit, to accommodate you with a strengthened signal on the go.

It will intensify all networks ranging from 2g/3g/4g voice and data.  That will depend on the booster unit that you have chosen originally.  Once properly plugged in and powered on, it will then enable you to avoid call drops in cars, trucks and mobile cabins when on the road.

Remember that the vehicle booster is not limited to cars only but will also work in boats, yachts, ships and cruises although a bigger & a different setup is then recommended for those types of settings.

Remind yourself that the vehicle kit cannot increase the coverage of cell phone signals on its own. It has to be connected to one of our boosters to make this happen and compatible with all of our repeaters/amplifiers/boosters.

What’s in the Package:

1 x An external antenna:  The external antenna comes with a magnetic strip that gives it a firm grip when attached to the roof of the car or trunk

1 x  Cable for the external antenna.

1 x  power supply to plug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter.

Note: Give us a call and we will be happy to help if you are unsure of how this product and any other item on our website works.


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