FRP Vehicle Whip Antenna


Key Features & Benefits

  • Wideband cellular frequency 698~2700MHz
  • Supports all of the 2G/3G/4G mobile networks
  • High-gain 5dBi and low V.S.W.R
  • All-Directional Omni antenna
  • Magnetic Mount with 5-Meter Cable


The stronger whip antenna is intended for different types mobile signal boosters but ultimately it is best fitted for the outdoor vehicle booster aerial. 
The superior grade magnetic on the 90mm diameter stainless steel mount has very high gripping force. 
The stainless steel has flannelette cover to protect the object’s surface from scratches.
FRP Whip Aerial With Magnetic Mount FRP Vehicle Whip Aerial
The fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) 4G Omni Antenna have 4~5dBi high-gain
and minimum voltage standing wave ratio (V.S.W.R.). Working in 360° horizontal
beamwidth, the 4G omnidirectional antenna receives and transmits wireless signals
in all-direction.


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