Mini 4G LTE Signal Booster


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Key Features & Benefits

  • Network: Telkom 2G Voice & Text and 4G LTE Data for All Other Networks
  • LTE 4G For Rain, Vodacom, Cell-C, MTN
  • GSM & DCS Frequency: UL 1710~1785MHz DL 1805~1880MHz
  • Coverage: Areas up to 250 m²
  • Strengthened High-Speed LTE 4G Data
  • Officially CE- and RoHS-certified
  • From up to 30 simultaneous users
  • Advanced MGC (Manual Gain Control)
  • ALC (Auto Level Control)
  • 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 1-Year Warranty


LTE 4G Signal Booster

Telkom & Rain Signal Booster (LTE 4G & 2G)(Single Band)

Code: SBG1800-250

The 2G Mini Rain/ Telkom Voice & All Other 4G Data signal booster is a smart answer for customers who are mainly interested in improving the quality of their 2G voice calls and SMS mobile signal coverage for the Telkom network, and for amplifying the 4G LTE Data for all the other network services just as well.

This solution offers signal protection in your premises and covers offices, large warehouses ad homes for up to 250sqm metres.  It is powered on GSM 1800Mhz frequency, a common Telkom 2G voice and SMS frequency and will also enhance LTE 4G data on Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Rain, Virgin and many other networks in South Africa on the same frequency.
SBG1800-250 can boost mobile phone signal for a coverage area of up to 250 square metres, it is a mid class booster ideal for use    in your premises, offices, warehouses and homes.  The SBG1800-250 is manufactured to ensure that even in the bad signal region of your premises, you never again encounter drop calls on the Telkom network. The LTE 4G data on all other networks will likewise be enhanced.

Panel Antenna Whip Aerial Blk Cable


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With our easy-to-work installation guide, it makes the setup seamless with every booster you purchase from us.

The following are included in all of our boosters standard kits: a 10-meter high-quality coaxial cable, the GSM external antenna, a power supply, a GSM 1800 booster unit, and an indoor aerial to screw on it.
The Upside of the story is! We have spent over 10 to 15 years in research and development to perfect our technological masterpiece. We recognise that you really want the best cell phone reception, and we took it upon us to secure the best product invention and to uphold excellent after-sales care support just for you.

Setting Up Your Booster

The SB1800-250 is designed with simple and fast installation process (Plug and play).

Step By Step Install Of A Signal Booster



One Standard External Panel Antenna: This accessory comes free of charge with the booster, which is meant to be mounted in a good signal location outside the building and helps to pull the signal from the tower of the service provider via the coaxial cable to the base unit. (Mobile booster)

10 METRES COAXIAL CABLE: Included as a free component with the booster kit, it facilitates the connection of the outdoor antenna to the indoor booster unit but the cable can also be used for indoor purposes if necessary.

MOBILE BOOSTER: The cell phone enhancer is an indispensable piece of the system, as soon as the signal is transmitted from the roof antenna via the coaxial cable, it expedites to broadcast the mobile reception in the property through the internal aerial that should be physically paired to the Booster (Base Unit).

INDOOR ANTENNA: This is a small standard whip aerial that’s also included in the package. The Mobile booster uses this indoor aerial to distribute amplified and purified mobile phone reception internally.

AC/DC POWER SUPPLY: The AC/DC power supply and power plug provide the Booster with all the electrical power that it requires to perform.

There are a few causes to explain why people struggle with such poor coverage of mobile phone signals within certain frameworks. All of those factors vary from materials used in the design of the building to internal components such as insulation materials. Mountainous views and densely tall trees that cover some areas also lead to how minimal cell phone signals can penetrate. But with our signal boosters, you’re sure to resolve this problem once and for all and for you to enjoy great mobile phone and internet data coverage.

Whats Included In The Box

  • 1 x Mini GSM 1800 Mobile booster
  • 1 x Outdoor Panel Antenna
  • 1 x 10 meter Coaxial Cable
  • 1 x AC/DC Power Supply
  • 1 x Easy to work Installation Manual


Fully Certified



Product Specifications

SKU SBG1800-250
Gain UL 24~55dBDL 29~60dB
Power UL Max 19dBmDL Max 18dB
Coverage 250m2
Frequency UL 1710~1785MHz DL 1805~1880MHz
Ripple in Band ≦ 5dB
Spurious Emission  ≦ -30dBm ~ -36dBm
Max Noise Figure ≦ 6dB
Return Loss ≦ 3dB
Time Delay ≦ 0.5μs
MTBF > 50000hours
Power Supply AC100~240V 50~60Hz / DC12V 2A (Included)
Power Consumption  < 10 Watt
Impendence 50 Ω
Connector N-Female as standard
Cooling Heatsink convection cooling
Dimensions (DxWxH) 230x130x34mm
Weight 1200 Gram
Environment Conditions IP 40
Humidity < 90%
Operating Temperature 10°C – 60°C


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